A new technology creating our future, Intech creates the future with its customers.


A new technology creating our future, Intech creates the future with its customers.

What is the NET certificate?

The NET certificate started to be issued from 2006. It is the certificate, which is difficult to obtain and only 1,000 companies have been certified so far over the past 10 years.

For companies to obtain such a certificate then have to prove that they have developed new technology, which does not yet exist in a particular field, and when the technology applicability is regarded to be high, the companies are then entitled to go through the NET certificate process.

Among those companies, the ones who have developed outstanding technology can obtain the NET certificate.

Intech is the first mask manufacturer to be acknowledged with the NET certificate for its excellent technology.

According to the obligatory procurement system, public organizations have to purchase more than 10% of their goods from NET-certified companies. The obligatory procurement system is supported by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy.

NET (Net Excellent Technology) Certification Mark

Purpose of System

The purpose is to discover the new technologies that are previously developed from domestic companies and research institutes and college in advance to certify their excellence, promoting the commercialization and technical transaction of newly developed technology. Thereby, such technology is used to improve its reliability to create the purchasing power, building a basis for advancing the initial market.


Institute Project Names
Korean Agency for Technology and Standards
  • Designated as an institute for establishing, revision and operating
  • Issued a NET certification (by minister, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
  • Discovered a supporting plan to commercialize the certified technology (product)
Korea Industrial Technology Association
  • Review and receipt of application documents and contact with applicants
  • Administration and management of Screening Committee Operation
  • Administrative assistance for presenting and notifying the screening results, advertising and issuing a certificate
  • Survey research and promotion on the improvement and development of certification system
  • Discovery and institutionalization of connection support system
  • Other operation and follow-up management

The power of the NET certificate

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