INTECH is dedicated to making an eco-friendly technology for the balanced human-being and nature.


INTECH is dedicated to making an eco-friendly technology for the balanced human-being and nature.


Width 125 mm
Height 105 mm
Depth 90 mm
Thick - mm
Weight - g


3D-character and face-protective mask for children.

  • Famous character image to attract children uses.
  • Block the contaminated air from outside to provide a fresh daily life all the time.
  • Face-shaped design to improve the sealing capability.
  • A front guard is designed to protect the minor scratches.

※ Customized images and colors are optional.

Mask Structure

Facial guard + customized filter


  • Semi-permeable facial guard.
  • 0.6 micrometer anti-dust filter.

※ Customized filter is optional.

Exchangeable Mask

  • Any discomfort feeling in wearing caused by pollution and bad breath can be resolved by replacing a filter.
  • Mask will remained fresh all the time by replacing a filter.

Raw Materials

TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber)

TPR, referred to as thermoplastic rubber is a copolymer in high molecular weight combining the rubber properties (Butadiene) and plastic properties (mainly polystyrene) can be molded using a processing method same one that applied in plastic, having a similar physical property to rubber.
TPR, which first widely started to disseminate under the name of Kraton by the manufacturer of chemicals and resin in the U.S., ‘Shell’, requires no a vulcanization process just like plastic; therefore, the injection and extrusion molding can be applied. Its rebound resilience, intensity and surface friction coefficient are similar to rubber. Thus, these characteristics have the advantages as follows.

1. Processability
  • No mixing process (Premastication) required before curing process.
  • No curing process required.
  • Moldable at the common plastic processing facility without additional investment.
2. Features
  • High tensile strength, elongation and elasticity similar to vulcanized rubber.
  • Excellent cold resistance.
  • A strong material against the most of acidic or alkali property.
  • Adjustable properties based upon the characteristics of processed product.
3. Purpose of Uses
  • Shoe sole
  • Gaskets, Weather strip
  • Hose
  • Tube
  • Sports product
  • Toy
  • Carmat
  • Pallet anti-sliding packing
  • Grip, etc.

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